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DJ Tech - DJ Rec - DJ Recording Station

$ 79.99

Product Details

DJ REC from DJ Tech is a compact, portable MP3 recorder and player with built-in LED display. It allows you to quickly record audio from line inputs onto any connected USB thumb drive in MP3 format. You can connect the output to powered speakers or a mixer to playback audio directly from the USB thumb drive, or from the line input. DJ Rec makes it easy to record DJ mixes, broadcasts, or any live event directly from the mixing board.

´╗┐Features & Specifications:

Real-time audio to MP3 encoder and decoder
Records and plays MP3 files via USB
Great for recording DJ mixes, broadcasts, and live events
Adjustable recording level and MP3 playback level control
LED track number display
LED signal indicator/meter
Stereo RCA input and output for audio source and speaker connectivity
Universal power supply (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) included
Robust, compact metal enclosure

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